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When a man leaves his home, he tries to create an environment that mimics the home he left, and most of the time, it is through food. A wife’s or mother’s home-cooked meals are always the comfort food that soothe the battered body and soul, and when one leaves that home, he longs for that comfort food.

As experienced by one of my students, Kais has been living in a foreign country, and I know that he’s been really missing his wife’s cooking. So recently, he’s keeping his hand busy and apron dirty by trying to cook himself a homely dish. And we have this belief that men are good cooks, well, it seems for Kais, that’s the case too. Though I have not tasted his dish, but by the way his dishes look like, they seemed yummy and mouthwatering.

 lamb-beans-stew lamb and beans stew

Lamb and White Beans Stew

He shared some photos of his recent attempt (a successful one indeed!) of cooking, and boy,oh,boy! I, myself, felt a pang of hunger after seeing the pictures, that  I couldn’t help myself but to ask for the recipe, but of course, for someone who is experimenting in the kitchen, recipe is the last thing on his mind, it seems. But with several minutes of nagging (:p), he did his best to type the ingredients and steps of cooking on Skype, which I’ll be sharing here once I tried cooking it myself.



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