An Ode to the Braided Hair

girl with braid hairAhh.. summer has finally come
The heat, the sweat, and the fun under the sun
But before basking in the sunshine,  one thing a girl must do
The long locks must be trim without ado
As split ends comprise the rest of the ‘do
And cannot be allowed to be on show.

One can recall the younger days, when sun did not matter
As she could easily braid the long hair like Rapunzel.
The hopping, the running, and the leaping,
The hair was still beautifully braided and prim.

dove-split-end-rescue-systemBut as years has passed by, the shine of the long hair has faded,
Long gone the lush braid that the young girl had in school days.
The sun, hair colours, hot irons and dryers made the hair fray,
Split ends and dryness transformed this lady’s locks in disarray,
It seems that there’s no way of saving it, unless to cut the hair that frazzle.

Oh, my, oh, my hold that scissors
Here comes Dove Split End Rescue System.
Promising that all’s well that ends well,
With 1/4 moisturising milk which will nourish the hair,
And a breakthrough split-end tech which corrects the damage of your mane.
So, before you prune your lovely, long braided hair,
Give Dove a chance to show that your hair can be cared,
And be beautiful from end to end.


This is my entry for Indiblogger contest.
image credit: Children of India





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  1. Really very interesting post 🙂

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