And the Moral of the Story Is…

In the competitive world today, the busy lifestyle normally takes over one’s life, and the desire to be successful, specially for those who are just starting in their career is overwhelming. Since school days, specially in college, the student’s life has turned into a machine, which aim is to be ahead of the group and be the best among the best. So, as a result, the body and mind are subjected to lack of sleep, hunger, and sometimes forgotten hygiene, just to be able to mock up thousand words from the books and perfect the examinations that will determine his future. This has been my story and the story of most students in this country.

colgateI graduated from college not only with good marks but also with incessant headache, stomach ulcer, a missing tooth and uncomfortable ortho braces. These all happened because I ignored the signs that my body was showing me, if only I could turn back time I would have graduated only with good marks minus health worries., I would have slept enough when I was feeling dizzy and light-headed. I would have eaten at the right time before acidity troubled my stomach. I would have not missed my dentist appointment when my gums bled as I brushed my teeth. After medications and pain killers, the stomach is now fine but the headache has turned into migraine which plagued me once and a while. And the worst of all, the endless visits to the dentist, from tooth extraction to fillings and braces to bridges; they did not only cause pain and time wasted but also lots of money spent.

So, the moral of the story is, ignoring health signs will lead to certain regret.

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