Armani – Black Dog Easy Evening


Black Dog Scotch has been long been associated with luxury and when talking about luxury who would forget the luxury bands in the clothing line such as Canali, Armani, etc. It was a real sight when the world class brand of Scotch associated itself with Armani, a world renowned clothing brand known for its fine suits and accessories. The event took place in Bangalore where Armani’s Giuseppe Digrisolo, celebrated master tailor, offered style tips to the audience present.

bdee-armaniThe event took place in Armani’s Showroom in The Collectives on Vittal Mallya road, Bangalore. There were various events in which the master tailor offered style tips to the individual present in the occasions. The attendees were also pleasantly surprised with sumisura, a made to measure, service offered by the Armani tailor. This provided an opportunity for the audience to have their own customized Armani suits which is always an honor. The customized suits were tailored by none other than Giuseppe Digrisolo himself, which featured personalized embroidered label to go with.

As the evening went on, the audiences were presented with soulful jazz music in which the musician cooed the audience with his jazz number to which an amazing saxophonist added his dash of magic making the evening memorable. The music helped many of the attendee to relax and unwind from their stress along with the glass of scotch which was served to the audience. There were variances of Black Dog Scotch present to offer their service to the connoisseurs of Scotch. And for those who prefer the rarest commodities, a limited edition of Black Dog 18 year old was special offered.

10The rest of the evening saw the Armani Collezioni, a pre-Collection of Armani Men’s Autumn/Winter collection displayed for everyone to feast their eye upon. The evening was a huge success thanks to the combination of Black Dog Scotch and Armani for showcasing their masterpiece for the people present in the audience.

The Black Dog Easy Evenings were created for the solo purpose of wooing the audience and letting them unwind and relax. The evenings were result of 130 anniversary of Black Dog saw many memorable performances by international and nation artistes around the year. These evening showcased talented musician and comedians along with the limited edition of Black Dog scotch, a combination to die for.

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