Bark in the Park

I was doing my usual net surfing when suddenly my Skype popped-up a message. It was from my student from UAE, I thought she was maybe checking on our class schedule, but then I saw that it was a long message, so I thought it was her homework, she usually pastes her homework on Skype. So I started reading it and was wondering why it was titled, Park and Bark. After I finished, I was laughing but since my son was sleeping I controlled my giggles.

Here’s the joke that my student shared to me, and I think that it is really appropriate especially for people who are natives of Middle East. I’ve had a handful of Arab students and I always see this pronunciation problem. I told her if she remembered how many times I corrected her /p/ and /b/, and she sent me an LOL emoticon. She said that there is no /p/ in Arabic, only /b/, so that explains the difficulty of pronouncing /p/ for Arabs. Read the joke below and have a laugh, but remember that sound matters. I am copying and pasting the exact message as it has Arabic translation.

في نكتة عن
Park and bark.

One day there was a man from an Arabic country who traveled to UK , when he reached the meeting place, of course, he has to park (حديقة بيوقفوا فيها سياراتهم) near the building.

The Arabian asked a guard: could you please tell me where can I bark (انبح)?
بس هو كان قصده Park(اوقف سيارتي) بس نطقها خطأ لانه عنده مشكل بالنطق P&b

Then, the guard told him: “you can bark where ever you want Sir!”
حبيت اقلكم القصة عشان ،المغزى انه النطق فعلا مهم واي خلل بالنطق ممكن يؤدي بالنهاية الى انك تنفهم غلط من طرف الشخص الاخر و خاصة مع الاجانب ، و بالتالي تفشل في توصيل رسالتك

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