Life of Pie

Life, as we know it, is better with a slice of pie, so when  I had the craving for something sweet last week and the bakery is far, I decided to make one instead, my very first homemade pie, an egg custard pie. I’ve been planning on making a pie for some time now, though I was always intimidated by it. Whenever I see Rachel Allen bakes a pie on her show, I always thought that I’ll do it one day too, so I’m glad that I finally did it and it also turned out delicious that I ate more than half of the pie. As what the Old Man from Pawnstars said, there’s not enough pie one can have, and I do agree with him, so this weekend, I baked another pie, an apple pie, and finished it before I remember to take a photo, well, next time then. So, for now, here’s the evidence that I did bake a pie and boy, it was good.

easy pie eggpie slice


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