Looking Up for Optimism

I grew up in a small village where there were only a couple of primary schools, the cheap one, and the expensive one. I studied in the cheap one, and though I was not intelligent, I was studious, therefore I passed each standard with high marks. When I reached high school, I again studied in another cheap school, this time, a little bit farther from home as it was in another village. My parents were already struggling on money for my daily auto fare, but I was determined not to miss a single school day. One day, as I was getting ready to school, my mom told me that she had had no money for my fare and that I had to miss school. I didn’t say anything, I just went on the corner of the room and silently cried, pitying myself at the same time thinking whether I’d miss any tests. Luckily, a neighbour came by. She was surprised to see me still at home, as my mom explained my plight, she immediately handed some money, just enough for a day’s auto fare and shooed me out to school.

People from my village knew that I was hardworking and persistent, so maybe that were the reasons why I became the recipient of that kindness. It was the first charity that I received from someone I didn’t expect to give. It was also the first lesson of hope and optimism that I learned. Because of that small kindness, I became optimistic in life. I knew that for every obstacle I encounter, there is always a way to pass through it. Even in deep poverty, one can raise above it when dealt with optimism. It became my motto in life, to be always optimistic. Just like when I thought I won’t go to college due to the same poverty reason. It was almost the beginning of the school term and though I passed several entrance tests in different colleges, I’d not registered in any of them due to financial reason, however, I wasn’t totally desperate as I was optimistic that something good would come since I did my best as I could. And I wasn’t wrong! Several days before the school begun, I received a letter stating that I was selected for a scholarship grant. To cut the story short, I graduated and got a degree that my parents and my neighbours were really proud of.

Unfortunately, I needed to leave the village where I grew up with and relocate to the city in search of a job. I always LOOK UP to the time when people in my village keep me optimistic in life. I want to live in a place where people around me are like the people in my hometown. I look up to the day when I settle in a housing that’s full of optimistic people and good outlook in life. One day, I’ll be back to my village and bring back the optimism that I learned there.

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