Movie Night on Weekend Night

black dog triple gold reserve

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Stress can be harmful for your physical health as well as your mental health and every goes through that phase once in a while during the office hours. Business and Corporate life can be so tough that it takes a toll on anyone no matter how strong willed they are. It helps to unwind once in a while during weekends and spend some time caring for your health. Pampering yourself during weekends is one of the things that elite are prone to do because they have to take on the world once they enter their office. And what better way to relax after the whole weeks’ work than sit at home, put on some good movies, and sip a fine scotch, like the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve.

After an exhausting weekday, throwing a party and invite friends over to watch some of awesome movies while having fun with a bottle of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the best combination to tackle any kind of stress. An action movie is always a favorite among people these days, they are fun, filled with Adrenaline and hair raising experience. One such movie would be Transformer movie series; they are funny, amazing and full of action between Autobots and Decepticons. The series has everything, science fiction, action, romance and drama, so swap the glass of Black Dog Scotch among friends while you are completely engrossed in visual effect and the taste of the scotch. This sure would rejuvenate you from the stress.

And if you prefer the quiet company of your beloved one; why not pick one of the Hollywood romantic movies like The Notebook and plunge into the sweet love story of Noah and Allie. The heartwarming scenes of their first date and the subsequent dance would sure to melt your heart. The fabulous performance given both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams would definitely rekindle the fire by reminding you the true joy of teenage love. Watching the favorite romantic movie of you and spouse while sipping a glass of fine scotch, lying in each other arms, if this is not heaven, we don’t know what is! Every scene along with the occasional sips and cuddling will definitely rekindle your spirit and light your heart. This is what we call drinking in the moment.

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