Skype Changes after December 2013

Skype says my application will stop working with Skype in December 2013, why is that?

Recently, one of my students informed me that he received a message on his Skype about having Skype Desktop API not available after December 2013. And why would I be concerned? First of all, I hate the new Skype that requires me to make a Microsoft Live account just to access it, that’s why even though I am using Windows 8, I still downloaded the old version of Skype. I was comfortable having my Skype account independent. And the point is that I don’t have a Live account and never had one either, and never have plan of opening a new one for this purpose only.

Secondly, when Microsoft will stop Skype Desktop API, it will also stop all the add-ons such as call recorders. In my case, it’s the Idroo, a free online whiteboard which I use for teaching online. This application is already bad enough for not having Mac version, which made me miss some of students since they’re using Mac, and now with new changes in Skype, I will really need to look for other alternatives. Though I read that Idroo will release an independent version, I don’t know when will that happen. For now, let’s see, I may need to go for paid online whiteboard like WizIq as a last resort, hopefully it won’t come to this as I do not want to increase my rate again, the last time was due to Paypal changes on their fees.

Anyone here with suggestions on alternative to Skype and online whiteboard? Suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Skype Changes after December 2013

Skype says my application will stop working with Skype in December 2013, why is that? Recently, one of my students informed [more]

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4 Responses to “Skype Changes after December 2013”

  1. engstudent says:

    Viber and Google Hangouts could be great alternatives. Both have mobile and desktop versions, both are quite popular.

  2. James roger says:

    Other alternatives are WebEx, GoMeetNow, Gotomeeting, RHUB etc.

  3. domain says:

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