#StartANewLife and Be Happy

Once in our life comes a time that we have to make that one big bold change that will shape the kind of person you are. In that change, we are forced to alter our way of life, from the usually simple to the more complicated one. In my case, it was the time when I needed to move to another city, very far from my hometown, to start my career.  I could just simply work to the town near my parents’ house and see them every day, but that would mean that I would just have to be content with the invariant way of life that simple folks in the village embraced. I know that I would not be true to myself if I chose to live that way, so against the will of my folks, I decided to travel far from home and took the bold step of leaving the comfort of my parents’ home and braved the new big city unfamiliar to me.

It was scary to #StartANewLife. I was always thinking whether I had made the right decision. From searching for a new #housing for rent to buying essential things for the house both made me excited and terrified. Homesickness also made the first few months terrible. At that time, there were no mobile phones, and calling home was expensive for someone like me who didn’t have a job at that time. I tried to stretch the small savings I had, but every time it seemed that I always needed to spend on some things.

Not only adjusting to a new house was the scary part, it was also meeting new people, and being selective on whom to trust. In the big city, there were many people who seemed helpful but always had a self-serving agenda. For a non-experienced like me, I was always a target for this kind of people. I was actually amazed on how they know that a person is a novice like me. I felt that time that I had this big flash sign on my forehead stating that I was a newbie in a city. Starting a new life was definitely a scary one, but as days and months had gone by, slowly, I finally adjusted to the fast track of city life and was able to keep up with everything in this new, big city. I even made several great friends whom I still am friends till now.

Looking back at the day that I left my village to chase my dreams in the big city, without regret, I was happy that I had made that decision. For someone like me, to have guts to #StartANewLife in a place foreign to me, and to brave problems that came, I was really proud of myself. If I knew ahead that I would face all those troubles before I could achieve my dreams, I might not have taken this bold decision, and perhaps I would have stayed back in my hometown and be contented of whatever it had offered. Gladly, I didn’t.

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