The Sleeek Bloggers Meet

Last Friday, Indibloggers from Bangalore met for ASUS sleeek PC products and some entertainment, enjoyment, and energy. It was a meeting of sleeek gadgets and wanna-be-sleeek bloggers :p

The meet was entertaining, with lots of group activities such as meeting fellow bloggers at the same time trying to steal personal belongings from them in cohorts with Anoop hehehe… Another fun act was the blogging commercials performed by 4 groups of bloggers. Creativity ran amok in each group with one doing Hollywood movie theme, another a song and dance act to the tune of Gangnam song, I forgot the other one but from my group was the Sholay-themed script performed with much ado by our team leaders!

There were prizes, all Flipkart vouchers, given for each contest which was deeply anticipated and appreciated. My husband won one from twitter contest in the expense of my sleeekiness :D.

And of course, the reason of the meet was the Sleeek ASUS PCs. An ASUS representative introduced the laptops and desktops to the silent spectators. This was the only time in the meet that the noisy bloggers became so mute, I think because they’re so eager to listen to that ASUS guy. Not to be mistaken the silence to the uninterest, many asked questions about the ASUS PCs later. Some ASUS products were on display in the room and we were able to try them. I think for price-wise, ASUS sleeek laptops are good, and oh, since the screen is not touch-screen, it has a gesture motion feature, just like the Kinect.


The indimeet ends with a dinner and more chat. Looking forward to the next indimeet, Indiblogger. Thanks!

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