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I’ve been teaching English online for 5 years now, and although I have my own website which brings students, it has been my dream to expand my online tutoring service and to have a couple or more tutors to teach not only English but other subjects too such as Maths, Science, and other foreign languages. It is my dream to share my passion of teaching using technology such as internet, computer, VIOP, and file-sharing applications. I want to share my techniques on teaching online to others specially those who are knowledgeable enough on Maths and Sciences but lacking the skills of teaching it online. I want to be able to help these people earn extra income from the comfort of their homes, and at the same time, do the thing they love, teaching.

For almost a year now, I’ve been contemplating on the plans on how to proceed from being a self-employed online teacher, working on my own, to someone who manages an online tutoring business with a handful of teachers. I had identified several problems that I may face in the future and they are the reasons why it seems I cannot pursue my dream. So far, I’m trying to find ways to prevent these sorts of problems if in case I decided to go on with this project.

One of the problems that I am facing is sharing securely the lesson plans, ebooks, and students’ documents such as homework, activity sheets. I’ll need a simple system that all teachers and students can easily understand how it works. I also need it to be secured, that only teachers and enrolled students have access to the documents, not everybody on the worldwideweb. So far, I’ve been looking at Microsoft Office365 with its SharePoint 2013, since it has the features of creating, organizing, and storing documents which can be sync and share to my teachers and students that works like a social network.

As far as online teaching is concerned, it only happens when the teacher talks to student via VIOP, so far, Lync Online is on my list for that purpose. It uses Skype to connect to millions of people around the world through Instant Messaging and voice calling. With Lync Online multi-tenant hosted plans, Lync is hosted on multi-tenant servers that support multiple customers simultaneously. That means the quality of the call is good, which is an important factor in teaching online since in online classes, every minute matters, student pays every single minute of his class.

I guess, I’m one step closer to pursuing my dream. All I need is the courage to drop everything and start working on my dream business.

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  1. Have you tried the virtual classroom of WizIQ ( http://www.wiziq.com/Virtual_Classroom.aspx ). It may solve a number of your problems. It has excellent voice chat, text chat. You can share all your files with your students. The number of attendees could be around thousand. It allows you and students as well to write and draw anything on the white board. Millions of students and teachers are using this platform for learning online. I am an online Physics teacher and has been using it for quite a few years and find the tools very user friendly

    • Teacher Tya says:

      hi, thank for the info. i’ve tried it before but in some countries the server is slow so students find it difficult to use.

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