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Lately, I’ve noticed that everyone from my Whatsapp contacts is constantly sending me Whatsapp status every day. I don’t mind though since it’s one way of actually knowing their moods. Some of the statuses are funny, some are inspirational, and most are just cool. I wonder how they manage to think and write status every day, don’t they have any other job to do? Silly me, of course, I don’t think that it’s the case. So, a friend of mine, who kept sending me whatsapp status images every single day, told me about a website named, whatsstatus.com. It’s the website where she usually gets her Whatsapp status whenever she can’t think of any, mostly, every day! LOL…

And so, I needed to pay a visit to that said website, and guess what, lo and behold! They have thousands of Whatsapp statuses in more than 60 categories!  One status from the site that I think is spot on for me: “Your mobile has no interesting app, that’s why I call you a boring chap.” There are tons of really good statuses on that site, from occasions, emotions, relationships, and just about anything, and also in Hindi.

Another thing that I noticed is that one can earn writing status! Whatsstatus is the world’s biggest community for whatsapp status writers. I saw that they have lots of authors, 70000+! They must be loving writing and earning at the same time. They pay Rs1/status for first 200 status and Rs2/status after 200th. For people who are fond of writing status, it’s a good way to earn some extra cash.  And for those like me who don’t have time to think of what to write, Whatsstatus.com is the best site to get and share whatsapp status. So, the next time you can’t think of any message to send, why not check the site and share some text and image statuses there.

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